Breakfast Sandwiches

Our breakfast sandwiches are all made fresh to order.  We always use two eggs unless otherwise directed.  The fresh lox sandwich comes with cream cheese.  All of our sandwiches come with your choice of Kaiser, Croissant, White Bread, Whole Wheat Bread, or Bagel

Add cheese, substitute egg whites, hash brown on sandwich or side

Bacon or Ham
Pork Roll
Steak and Eggs
Scrapple and Eggs
Hot Sausage and Eggs
Turkey Bacon
Turkey Sausage
Lox and Cream Cheese
Egg Sandwich
Omelet Sandwich
Chicken Salad
Tuna Salad

Specialty Sandwiches

Wombat – Pork roll, bacon, eggs, cheese, and hash brown
Ronaldo – Pork roll, eggs, pepper jack cheese, jalapeno cream cheese
Trust Fund – Bacon, eggs, cheese, avocado, hash brown, scallion cream cheese
King George – Bacon, cream cheese, grape jelly

Breakfast Burritos

The Benny – Bacon, 3 scrambled eggs, cheese, hash brown, avocado
The Porker – Pork roll. 3 scrambled eggs, cheese, hash brown, avocado
The Double Doink – Steak, 3 scrambled eggs, cheese, fried onions, hash brown
The Tess – Pork roll, 3 scrambled eggs, cheese, hash brown, garlic & herb cream cheese

“All burritos served with a side of siracha ketchup!”

Bagels and Spreads

Our Bagels

Plain, Sesame, Poppy, Everything, Onion, Garlic, Pumpernickel,  Jalapeno, Spinach, Whole Wheat, Chocolate Chip, Blueberry, Egg, Cinnamon Raisin, Salt, French Toast, Seasonal

Bagel Choices

1 Bagel
1/2 Dozen
Baker’s Dozen
Bagel w/ Plain Cream Cheese
Bagel w/ Flavored Cream Cheese
Bagel w/ Butter
Bagel w/ Lox Spread
Bagel w/ Peanut Butter
Bagel w/ Peanut Butter & Jelly

Homemade Specialty Spreads

Our specialty spreads include Plain, Olive, Scallion, Vegetable, Strawberry, Garlic & Herb, Jalapeno, Lox Spread, Cannoli, Apple Cinnamon, Walnut , Seasonal.

All of our spreads are made fresh in our store.


All of our omelettes are made fresh using three eggs.  When ordering you get the Choice of Cheese: American, Swiss, Provolone, Cheddar, Pepper Jack. Choice of bread also comes with each omelette.

Breakfast Platter (3 eggs and choice of meat and bread)
Western (ham, green peppers, and onion)
Veggie (onion, peppers, tomato, mushrooms)
Pork Roll and Cheese
Sausage and Cheese
Bacon and Cheese
Cheese (your choice of cheese)
Egg Whites
Mushroom and Cheese
Bagels and Toppings
Bacon w/Cream Cheese
Pork Roll w/Cream Cheese
Peanut Butter & Jelly
Ham w/Cream Cheese


American Cheese
Chedder Cheese
Ham Capicola
Imp. Ham
Hot Sopresatta
Pepper Jack
Provolone Cheese

Lunch Menu

Steaks, Hoagies & Sandwiches

Turkey and Cheese
Ham and Cheese
Chicken Salad
Tuna Salad
Egg Salad
Cheese Steak
Buffalo Chicken Cheese Steak w/blue cheese or ranch
Chicken Cheese Steak
Chicken Bacon Ranch
Turkey BLT
Grilled Cheese

Weekly Specials – In Store Only

Bread choices include bagels, white, rye, or wheat bread, kaiser, long rolls, white or wheat wraps, and croissants. Gluten free bagels available as well.

Lacas Coffee & Tea

Since 1921, Lacas Coffee has provided the food service industry with premium products and exceptional customer service. Our commitment to food service has never wavered but has simply expanded to meet restaurants’ changing needs and customer’s growing interest in high-quality coffees.

Original City Roast, Colombian Supremo, Hazelnut Cream, French Vanilla, Decaffeinated, Darjeeling Blend Tea, Pekoe Cut Black Tea, Pure Leaf

Other Drinks

Juice, Pure Leaf Tea, Chocolate Milk, Soda, Water